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The Curvey Scholarships & Fellowships

How do I apply?
The Curvey Scholarships at Villanova University

$14,000 annual scholarship

each year to 4 students for tuition assistance

No separate application process

every applicant to Villanova University from the eligible schools will be considered

The Curvey Fellowships at Villanova University

One time award for
independent study

available only to Curvey Scholars

Up to $20,000

awarded for approved activities

Frequently Asked Questions

about the Curvey Scholarships & Fellowships

How do I apply?

There is no separate application process for The Curvey Scholarships. Each applicant to Villanova University from the eligible schools will be considered.

Scholarship recipients must be graduating students from one of a select pool of high schools in northern Schuylkill County: Mahanoy Area High School, North Schuylkill High School, Shenandoah Valley High School, Marian Catholic High School, and Nativity BVM High School. Find out more about the Villanova admission process at now!

Where is Villanova University located?

Villanova University is located in Radnor Township, 12 miles west of Philadelphia. The 260 acre picturesque, suburban campus is served by two commuter rail lines and is close to major highways.

How far from home is Villanova University?

Villanova University is located less than 100 miles from each of the five Curvey Scholarship-eligible high schools. Estimated driving time under normal traffic conditions is less than 2 hours.

Will I be offered admission to Villanova?

Applicants for admission to Villanova are evaluated on their high school academic record and class standing, scores on standardized tests, involvement in social and leadership activities, and the student essays. While competitive, it is important to note that the admission process at Villanova is a personal one. Students interested in Villanova and the Curvey Scholarship are encouraged to schedule a campus visit which will include an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a representative from the Office of University Admission.

How are recipients of the Curvey Scholarship determined? How are the recipients notified?

Each student who applies to Villanova University from one of the five eligible high schools is considered for the Curvey Scholarship. Scholarship recipients are determined based upon a combination of academic merit and financial need. Recipients will be notified directly by the University and the Scholarship will appear as part of the financial aid package.

Can my family afford a Villanova education?

Villanova University is dedicated to providing students and parents with a competitive financial aid package to assist in meeting educational expenses. The Curvey Scholarship, valued at $12,500/year, is designed to work with other forms of assistance—such as grants, scholarships, loans and student employment—to help make a Villanova education affordable. For more information about the financial aid process, please visit

Will I fit in at Villanova?

There is a strong network of current and former Curvey Scholars who create a “community within a community” at Villanova University. Students on campus connect with and support each other, especially as the freshmen get acclimated to college life. In addition, activities throughout the year bring together current and former Scholars, complementing ongoing University programming and providing opportunities to strengthen the bonds that unite this unique group of Villanovans.

Will I succeed at Villanova?

Resources exist to help each student make the most of his or her Villanova experience. Faculty and staff work together to provide academic support, assist with course selection and identify internship and career opportunities. The Coordinator of the Curvey Scholarships at Villanova, Chris Kovolski, checks-in with each Scholar throughout the semester to identify concerns, offer guidance and provide support. Since the program’s inception, each Curvey Scholar has graduated from Villanova or is on track to do so.

How do Curvey Scholars prepare for a Curvey Fellowship?

Eligible scholars are asked each Fall if they are planning – or thinking about – a Curvey Fellowship experience during the upcoming year. Over a series of meetings with the program coordinator, they are asked to do a significant amount of planning to narrow down goals, trip focus, destinations and itineraries. The application process consists of preparing a brief essay and a detailed itinerary and budget that are submitted for consideration in January.

What kinds of activities can a Curvey Fellowship support?

Curvey Fellows can use their award to participate in academic or enrichment programs, independent travel or other activities that contribute to personal growth and development. Travel should be the centerpiece, with most Fellows choosing international destinations and experiences. The program is meant to be open ended and tailored to fit each individual’s goals. The focus of each Curvey Fellow’s experience should be to pursue a passion that is particularly important to him or her.

Can a Curvey Fellowship experience be split up?

No, a Curvey Fellowship experience must be completed all at once.

When are Curvey Fellowship Awards announced?

Successful Curvey Fellows are notified in February or March. Funds are disbursed shortly thereafter.

What costs are covered by the Curvey Fellowship?

The Curvey Fellowship covers all travel costs including airfare, rail, hotel, food and spending money. Curvey Fellowships are encouraged to include in the budgets costs associated with passports and visas, if needed, and international cellphone coverage for the duration of their trip.

Are Curvey Fellowship awards taxable?

Yes. Scholars are notified throughout the Fellowships process that their award is taxable. Tax amounts vary based upon amount of the award and other income each Scholar receives throughout the year. It is strongly encouraged that each Curvey Fellow consult an accountant or tax advisor during the planning process.

Is there assistance available in case of emergency during a Curvey Fellowship experience?

Yes. Each Curvey Fellow is enrolled in the International SOS program. International SOS is the world's leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services company. The services provided by International SOS range from telephone advice from a physician, referrals to more than 68,000 global, vetted providers to medical and security evacuations. As part of the detailed itinerary that each Curvey Fellow prepares, they identify and include the local equivalent of 911 and the US Embassy contact information in each country. Curvey Fellows carry this information, as well as the International SOS contact information, with them throughout their trip.

James C. Curvey

Mahanoy City Native & Graduate of Villanova University

James C. Curvey

James C. Curvey is vice chairman of the Board of Directors of FMR LLC, the holding company for the businesses of Fidelity Investments, and serves on the Board of Trustees of the Fidelity Group of Mutual Funds.

Mr. Curvey is a 1953 graduate of Mahanoy City High School. He received a bachelor of science degree from Villanova University in 1957 and a master of arts degree from George Washington University in 1962. Throughout his life, Mr. Curvey has demonstrated a sense of commitment and dedication to both his hometown of Mahanoy City and Villanova University. Since 1999, an endowed scholarship program in his name has joined these two interests by providing financial aid resources for talented young people from Mahanoy City and the surrounding region to pursue their education at Villanova.

Early in his career, Mr. Curvey received a fellowship from the National institute of public Affairs which allowed him to pursue further his education at the University of Chicago and learn from that city’s unique people, places, and cultural institutions. Mr. Curvey has not forgotten the benefits of this experience and understands that well-rounded young people gain just as much from opportunities to travel, conduct research and explore interests as they do from lessons learned in the classroom. This unique perspective on how a complete educational experience can effectively prepare students for future success has led Mr. Curvey to establish the Curvey Fellowships at Villanova University.

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Curvey Scholarship Contact

Chris Kovolski
Curvey Scholarship Program Coordinator

Chris Kovolski serves as coordinator of the Curvey Scholarships and Fellowships at Villanova University. In this role, he works closely with staff from the eligible high schools and departments throughout campus to create awareness of both the programs and Villanova, engage interested students and parents, and encourage applications to the University. Chris also organizes events throughout the year that are designed to build community among current Curvey Scholars and alumni.

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